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5 best crypto brokers for 2019 and 2020

The most important point in the professional work of a trader practicing binary options is, of course, the choice of the “right” broker providing access to the relevant markets. In this context, the “right” broker is an intermediary in the speculative market, effectively fulfilling its obligations to Internet traders seeking to profit from exchange rate fluctuations in the markets of certain financial assets. The problem of choice is compounded by the fact that brokers operating in the binary options system are not always exactly who they usually pretend to be. This article is a wide review of top crypto brokers of this year.

Best crypto broker 2019

Based on over 81 different variables, here are the best forex brokers for buying cryptocurrency:

  • Swissquote
  • IG
  • ThinkMarkets
  • FXOpen

1. Iqoption

We can name Iqoption company the leader of this traders’ racing. It has perfect opportunities for investment and business development. The administration of this service is always ready to help you with such items as registration, consulting in complicated situations, answering different questions and so on. The time of respond is literally 2-5 minutes, almost immediately. Funding your account on the platform IQ Option – the best crypto broker – is a perfect choice. You can use for this purpose not only different bank cards but also E-wallets of various types. IQ Option offers a choice of several trading periods, the duration of which depends on the selected trading asset. For example, when trading binary options, a trade can remain open for 1 minute or 5 minutes. Another convenient feature is the ability to set the opening time of the transaction-for example, in three minutes.

2. Swissquote

The next one in our TOP-list will be a broker Swissquote, which was founded more than 20 years ago. During all this time it has been studying different technological modernizations and investigations. This very characteristic helped the company to become a strong leader in online trading. Specialists say that it is strictly controlled, which brings traders to benefit from the banking process and investments. All users have constant access to freshest market research, service support and advanced trading instruments.

3. IG Group

IG as another example of the best cryptocurrency broker was established in the UK in 1974 and is one of the world’s largest CFD organizations. 7 financial Supervisory bodies exercise control over the broker’s activities. IG Group, the broker’s parent company, is listed on the London stock exchange but has no Bank backing. CFDs are typically complex high-risk margin trading instruments. 79% of retail investors lose the money invested in them from this provider.

4. ThinkMarkets

Forex broker ThinkMarkets, which is also reviewed today, appeared in 2010 and was registered in New Zealand, as a company ThinkForex (TFX). Under this brand, the development of the broker began, which saw its task to offer traders high-quality services in the field of foreign exchange trading through the introduction of advanced technologies for the execution of transactions. The fact that the course of development was chosen correctly, says the rapid process of popularization of the company ThinkMarkets and awards, which littered its path. To understand with whom partnerships are built, traders need to look at major historical milestones.

5. FXOpen

FXOpen as the best crypto broker was established in 2003. The company is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. There is also a training center of the broker, which offers group and individual classes on technical analysis in the securities market and the Forex market and the basics of trading in the currency markets. FXOpen broker has been offering dealing center services since 2005. Since then, it regularly occupies a leading position among dealers due to comfortable and favorable trading conditions for clients, high-quality technical support for clients, advanced investment technologies and a wide range of financial products.

Final Thoughts

From the point of view of any online trader, the most important criterion for seeking the best crypto broker 2020 is reliability. The reliability of a broker is an integral indicator characterizing its ability to meet the favorable expectations of a client-an Internet trader speculating in the financial markets through binary options. In order to reasonably assess the reliability of the broker, the Internet trader should make enough effort in the direction of collecting and understanding all the necessary information. As practice shows, the sources of relevant data for the preliminary assessment of the reliability and professional integrity of the broker can be a variety of information resources.

First, it can be numerous reviews on the Internet, which are regularly published on specialized sites, forums, blogs. Meanwhile, treat this kind of information online trader should be very skeptical, as reviews on the Internet by definition cannot claim to be an objective assessment. Secondly, the online trader can specify in advance the availability of the best broker for crypto all the necessary registration and licensing documentation. Thirdly, a useful source of information about the reputation of the broker can be the data of authoritative ratings, systematically published on the Internet.

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