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Best forex trading app of 2020

At the moment, Forex is the world’s largest financial market. In addition, it is the most liquid market. The digital revolution in the late 90s, the emergence and rapid development of the Internet gave the opportunity to the development of retail trade in the foreign exchange market. Today, in order to trade you only need a computer with Internet access and a debit card. At the same time, the role of trading brokers has also changed: there are more and more retail online brokers. Of course, Forex already existed several decades before the events described, but then it was only open to institutional clients. Today, 5% of the total volume of $250 billion of turnover is created by individual customers. These values may seem staggering. Now we will analyze the best forex app of 2020 for trading.

How Forex investment helps to repay users debts

happy investorRegardless of whether you want to find some optimal variants, the best forex app for investing your money in it or focus on instant transactions, the mobile trading app will promote quick solving of these problems and will help always stay up to date with the latest developments, quickly responding to market fluctuations.

After all, most modern applications are not just a “wallet” for your digital assets, but a full-fledged tool. It helps not only to sell or buy the right positions on time but also keeps the investor up to date with the latest trends, broadcasting signals about promising market movements. So, consider a few applications for traders that will make your mobile gadget a complete, efficient and safe workplace.

1. Iqoption

Iq option is a convenient application for monitoring the movement of market prices of Bitcoin and other altcoins, as well as for managing your investment portfolio. It provides such options as support for all popular digital coins, customizing the portfolio by currency relevance, ability to chart historical prices with different timeframes, setting individual parameters for displaying prices on the chart. Also, a detailed analysis of price movements is presented here. Due to the specialists’ analysis, the forex trading app download is the best way to start investing.

However, the great advantage of the Iq option app is that many of the world’s largest investors consider it a valuable tool. This platform allows you to learn very quickly all minds of other traders and specialists about certain securities, the app also provides reliable information about trending stocks and market news, helping investors to constantly be aware of all that is happening with the shares of interest to them. It has actually become an open channel for sharing information about investing, thanks to which sophisticated traders and investors can cooperate profitably. The most important feature is that creating an account is absolutely free of charge.

2. NetDania Stock and Forex Trader

There are many ways how to consider this best forex app, but its financial news has overtime earned the highest reputation among investors for being accurate and covering all aspects of financial activity. At some point, the company launched the app, and today it is the most reliable source of financial news and the latest news from the stock market. With this modern and beautiful application, users can in real-time track the stock quotes of companies that interest them and learn the latest news about them, as well as compare different securities, follow the investment portfolios of other users and get full access to all the information on Netdania.

3. TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim Mobile

Thinkorswim Mobile is mentioned in all stock market app reviews because it is really can be named the best forex trading app. For brokerage firms, the most important thing is the number of commissions they charge their clients for using their money in transactions. Even independent traders usually pay commissions for trade on the brokerage platform they use. However, it is a free trading platform where you can trade shares of companies and exchange-traded funds without paying a cent for transactions. Moreover, this platform gives users the opportunity to make personal lists of securities of interest to them and receive real-time information about market data and quotations. It is a beautiful modern application with a user-friendly interface. If you are going to trade in the stock market, you cannot do without it.

4. Trade Interceptor

Another low-key best forex trading app available for iOS and for Android. Trade Interceptor is considered one of the best mobile apps to track current quotes, pre-open, and post-close market quotes, monitor different portfolios and even get full-screen charts. Everything is sent in push notifications. Trade Interceptor gives you direct access to most American brokers, allows you to track various aspects of financial activities and even provides a trading simulator so you can learn to trade without risking real money.

5. Trading Game

The Trading Game is a free app developed by experts in trading and financial markets. The mobile game is designed to teach beginners to profit from stocks and earnings in the Foreign Exchange Market. Being fun and simple, it is perfect for beginners who are looking for opportunities to learn while trading. Get notified about the best times to trade, access top brokers, and learn how to spot favorable profit opportunities in the Forex and stock markets.

“The Trading Game” consists not only of currencies available for trading but also of stocks, commodities and even cryptocurrencies. Explore all markets in one place! In this app developers will give you the exact time when each market is open for trading. They will also give you tips on choosing the best time frame to trade and at what time it is best not to trade.

Technological progress does not standstill. On a global scale, we may be dealing with less technology development than fifty years ago, but development continues nonetheless. The Forex market is an innovative and rapidly developing niche of the financial world, so the technologies associated with it and the processes that form it are updated and improved on a constant basis. The new software is constantly being released, updates and utilities are coming to the old one. But the best forex trading app is constant Iq option.

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