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The 8 Best Online Stock Brokers of 2019 – 2020

A relatively new way to make money — online stockbroking — has appeared with the rapid development of the Internet. Thus trading platforms became open for the majority of population segments. It is a kind of intermediaries in the foreign exchange market (forex), combining private traders and the market itself. Before making a residual choice, it is necessary to compare fees, trading platforms, deposit sizes, and customer offers. It is generally accepted that the so-called old-timers of forex are real pledgers of security, but sometimes it is just far from reality. A list of the best online brokers is provided below so that you can just compare some general options and choose the most appropriate variant.

1. Best choice for convenient trading: Iqoption

iqoption logo

The majority of professional traders view this organization as the leader of the best online stock brokers list. Iqoption has a well-developed technical platform for users’ work that mates not only PCs but also laptops and mobile phones.

You can notice that Iqoption has one of the lowest investment rates — it raises just to €1 that is a comparatively small amount. This platform is comfortable for selling and buying securities, making some inner transfers or just reviewing rating reports on important investment data.

As for fee, it starts from $1 per one trade and this price is not fixed but multi-level. Such a low priced option just helps Iqoption to exceed its rivals and to become the leader of the stock exchange market in its segment. Specialists mark that the profitability of these options can raise to about 90%.

In case of some misunderstandings or technical problems you can always use a 24/7 Iqoption support that is not only prompt but also multilingual (user can use English, German, Russian, French, etc).

This company became one of the TOP-list brokers on the market very rapidly. It was caused mainly by two factors: high service quality and a client-oriented approach. There are more than 170 different stocks that can easily be used for trading both by beginners and experts in this financial sphere.

2. Best for keeping data: Fidelity

fidelity logo

This stockbroker is viewed as one of the frontrunners in the sphere of low-cost investments. Its website contains a wide range of tools for the thorough study and also relatively cheap funds. This company works in the direction of developing new investment tools. Among them are, for example, estate or retirement planning criteria, tools for trading, etc. One of the prominent features of Fidelity website is its information tab where you can find the latest economic news and some useful stuff about funds, bonds or investments. Here you can also get some necessary data about how to become a participant in the IPO process. As for the trade fee, it amounts to $4,95.

robinhood logo

At first sight, this organization can be viewed as a standard stockbroker without any gains or benefits. Sometimes its investment opportunities are even exceeded by a wide number of rivals. But this trading company is constantly making free stock trades that is not the case for other brokers described in the article. In case when a person applies for trade, he/she gets access to other options of this broker platform. Cryptocurrency trades are also among them, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum. If desired, you can be involved in the process of crypto trading and get additional income from this new financial branch.

This platform has another helpful innovation — it can be used on mobile phones. Of course, this version of trade platform is absolutely new, so it’s just obvious that it looks like a row format. But does it really matter when you can simply log in and get free trades?

4. Best offers for regular users: Etrade

etrade logo

This company can really be named an old-timer among other online brokers. Its popularity began to grow after the implementation of the whole range of easy-to-use instruments. Specialists also mark that this website is designed also very professionally. Prices for trades are not constant: you should pay $6,95 for the first 29 trades and then it would be lowered to the amount of $4,95 for the next 500 trades. So this broker company cannot be named the cheapest one, but its administration offers a lot of different sales for people with PRO-accounts. With Etrade you get access to the bonds, stocks and mutual funds. Moreover, all-important market data, diagrams, and charts are also open for users on this platform. So with this broker user gets all ordinary stuff that is regularly offered to retail investors and traders.

5. Best for easy investments: Ally Invest

ally logo

This exchange is also included in the list of broker organizations with the smallest amount of payment per trade — only $ 4.95. At the same time, the size of the discount increases as financial transactions are made through this system. The broker offers a low commission and also does not constitute any restrictions on registered accounts. This is what led to the broker’s high popularity in the market, especially among the beginners in this field.

In 2016, the company joined TradeKing, which significantly increased its capabilities and potential. Today, the name of this organization is widely known and now is among the best online brokers. The company has developed an online banking field in the direction of investing.

A transaction on the company’s website will cost only $ 3.95 to those registered users who conduct at least 30 transactions per quarter. The second criterion may be considered if there is at least a $100,000 daily balance on the trader’s account. But even for customers who cannot use this option due to a lower profile balance, a large number of investment services at competitive prices are available, including for example foreign currency trading.

6. Best for trading specialists: TD Ameritrade

td ameritrade logo

This organization is also viewed as one of the best online brokers who are long standers on the foreign market. Transactions here will cost much more — $ 6.95. In 2017, this company managed to acquire Scottrade, which made the broker an even more successful representative of online trading.

Many customers choose TD Ameritrade broker because its activity is carried out on the Thinkorswim platform. Most interestingly, you can trade not only from computer but also from mobile phone or even smartwatch (just log in to your personal account and start your work process).

This broker offers its users a range of professional tools for high-quality trading. The main peculiarity is that the user should have at least minimal investment experience to use service without problems. A pleasant option for the user is that trading on individual shares can be carried out around the clock (but with condition that profile should be used just 5 working days per week).

Experienced traders will definitely notice for themselves the convenience of using the website with a large number of charts, news, and investment data. And of course, veteran profiles get different sales and comfortable proposals regularly.

7. Best discount offers: Merrill Edge

merill edge logo

The name of this broker is closely related to serious powerhouse Merrill Lynch, which was located on Wall Street at the beginning of the last century. During the Great Recession, this company went bankrupt, after which it was sold to the Bank of America in 2008.

Merrill Edge is now a discount brokerage agency. But this company is unique not only because of its history but also of direct participation in the Bank of America Preferred Rewards program. Thus, the broker should be chosen for those customers who have already previously begun their cooperation with the Bank of America.

This company has significant discounts for regular customers, among which the ability to change the proper size of interest rates. Everything is regulated only by the amount of money on the account balance. One of the bonuses of using this broker is a lack of commission when withdrawing cash from ATMs of other banks, which rarely happens, providing financial giants like the Bank of America and best online brokers.

8. Best interaction with foreign markets: InteractiveBrokers

interactivebrokers logo

This broker is distinguished by favorable financial offers, which contribute to the fact that more active website users can easily save on commissions from conducted transactions. Also, users can independently choose which trading scheme is more suitable for them: with fixed-rate or multi-level. This is determined solely by the goals and needs of the trader on the financial stock exchange.

Among important advantages of Interactive Brokers is that it provides opportunity to interact with major world exchanges in Japan, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, etc.

These are the best online stock brokers that give their users to trade stocks at appropriate conditions. They give you access to plenty of investment products among which commodities, bonds, stocks. With all information given above it would be easier to make your choice in the sphere of online trading.

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