5 best brokers for beginners

TOP 5 best online stock brokers for beginners

It is extremely important in the world of trading to choose the best stock broker for beginners when registering an account. This step will determine not only on which platform you will conclude your subsequent transactions, but also whether you can create a solid investment base and develop your own business. The choice of a broker also determines whether you can succeed in the world of trading: as a consultant, analyst, tutor, etc. Thus, you can call a broker a real guide and motivator for developing the abilities and strategies of a newcomer.

What are stockbrokers?

First, give a classic definition to the broker. This is the name of the intermediary when concluding a transaction that takes some kind of a fee for the given services (it is a commission). Brokers exist in a wide variety of industries, facilitating the conclusion of transactions and bringing buyers and sellers together.

Trading on exchanges is carried out by professional market participants. Among them are brokerage companies, which, in turn, provide an opportunity for their clients — individuals and legal entities — to open trading accounts and submit purchase/sale of shares. When concluding transactions, the broker takes his/her commission. Moreover, the broker does not trade at his own expense, but only helps customers to act on the exchange. This is the key role of the best brokers for beginners.

BrokerBest ForCommissionsPromotionAccount MinimumLearn More
merill edge logo

Merrill Edge


No Account Minimum.



per trade

$0 online stock and ETF trades, no minimum deposit required

$0Open Account
iqoption logo



Advanced Platform:Windows, MacOs, Mobile.

Free Practice.

24/7 Support.

Absolutely no trading fees and commissions

Minimum investment

$0Open Account
td ameritrade logo

TD Ameritrade


Customer Support.

No Account Minimum.


per trade

Up to $600

cash credit with qualifying deposit

$0Open Account
etrade logo





per trade

$100 to $2,500

cash credit with a qualifying deposit

$0Open Account
robinhood logo



Low Costs.


per trade

promotion available at this time

$0Open Account


Ratings for choosing the best online stock broker for beginners in the forex market are formed based on several criteria. Specialists pay attention to minimum account investments, presence/absence of a commission on the website, the support of newcomers, trading costs, quality of consulting and advising clients. This ranking contains well-known brokers with large assets on the exchange. They provide both advisory services and the ability to use the website even in the mobile version. The best brokers for beginners are rated one to five stars.


Yes, you can start with minimal investment. Many brokers allow customers to open a profile with a zero account. There are also some companies that do not require large investment fees from beginners. Clients who are just starting their journey in the world of trading should build their portfolio on brokers’ websites without a commission.

A client’s broker account is actually a personal wallet for storing funds and securities, which is opened by a licensed broker company. It is used for transactions in the sale of shares, bonds, currency and other financial instruments on the stock exchange. Without a brokerage account, a person cannot buy anything on the exchange. The bank account does not give access to the exchange.

The brokerage account works as follows. The client comes to the company (to the broker) and draws up an account opening agreement. After that, he contributes funds to the balance and with the help of a special program or application buys/sells stocks, bonds or currency. The broker confirms the transaction, after which the number of investments and the broker’s commission is debited from the account, and the client receives a record on his account that he became the owner of the purchased financial assets.

Each transaction (buying or selling in the financial market) requires certain costs. The brokerage commission is these costs. In fact, these are the expenses that your broker will charge you for his intermediary services and for the fact that he transfers your transactions to other market participants.

The amount you pay to the broker as a commission depends on your choice of broker and the class of assets that you trade. Previously, brokerage commissions were quite high due to the low quality of technology and difficult access to markets. But the Internet and the latest information technologies have revolutionized the industry, creating high competition among brokers. It has given people the opportunity to use the lowest trading fees in the history of exchange trading. But not all brokers are the same, and some of them, especially the best online stock broker for beginners, charge much higher fees than others.

The difference is how much the customer is willing to pay for the provided help. If a user does not need to use all proposed items, then a broker can simply help him/her to sell or buy shares, as well as to make investments. For customers who do not have enough time, but much money, there is an “all-inclusive” proposal from brokers for beginners. In this case, professionalists will carry out additional financial and pension planning, as well as tax consulting.

Of course, but it will take much more time than simply cashing out money from a card. On average, it takes 3-4 days, during which the broker sells securities, including shares, mutual funds, etc. They are necessarily equivalent to the amount of money that you wish to withdraw from your account.

If you need to cash out all the money from the account, for example, if you want to switch to another broker or withdraw cash for a major purchase, you will have to pay money for making your profile non-active. The amount of penalty fee may vary depending on the selected broker.

There are also differences in the rules for cashing money from retirement accounts. Mostly they are connected with age variation. If a person has not yet turned 60 years old, then the size of the penalty fee will be 10%. For people of senior retirement age, the amount will decrease.

Absolutely not, as they are insured by a non-profit firm that specializes in protecting the rights and funds of investors. It should be understood that insurance is valid only in case of failure of the stockbroker. Sometimes it happens even to the best online brokerage for beginners. But when you suffered losses, as a result of the investments you personally made, the insurance would not be valid.

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