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What is a brokerage account and how do i open one?

Each registered on a particular exchange user must open an account there to be able to conclude trading transactions on currency exchanges, binary options markets, which allows making trading operations for the investor’s finances. A broker is a kind of intermediary that gives clients the opportunity to trade, as well as open transactions on behalf of the client. From each completed transaction, the broker takes its percentage, and it does not matter what its outcome is – successful or negative. The broker will definitely receive its profit. To understand how to open a brokerage account, you need to review this article.

What is a brokerage account?

A brokerage account is a client’s personal account opened with a brokerage company. It is needed to buy stocks and bonds in the financial market. A broker is just an intermediary who, at the order of his client, makes transactions on the stock exchange. He can buy and sell securities, exchange currency, buy futures, etc.

Of course, some of these operations can be performed without the mediation of a broker. For example, you can buy currency in a bank, and you can invest in securities by buying shares of a mutual fund. But the exchange provides cheaper and more flexible tools to work with financial assets. So, currency exchange in a bank and through a brokerage account are two big differences. The bank sells the currency with a margin of 1.5-2% of the amount. And when buying on the stock exchange you will have to pay only a few cents of the market spread and a small commission to the broker. It is much more profitable.

If we talk about mutual funds, then with their help users can invest in securities and even make money on it. But he/she almost completely transfer the management of the investments to the management company and cannot buy shares directly. If you have additional questions as: “How do I open a brokerage account”, you just need to read further. Brokerage account gives more freedom, allowing the investor to fully independently form a portfolio of investments. That, of course, does not negate the opportunity to get advice from a separate broker.

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How do brokerage accounts work?

Speaking about what is an individual brokerage account, we should mention that it just allows you to simply store funds on it. It provides an opportunity to buy securities and derivatives, as well as to store national or another currency on it, receive interest for the storage of funds, if it is a savings account, and convert currency (when such additional functions are provided for in the contract). At the same time, unlike a bank account, funds in a brokerage account are not insured by the state.

Brokerage accounts vs. retirement accounts

A pension investment account is an account with a broker, but with benefits. To start saving your pension through it, open an individual investment account with a broker and invest in financial assets. You can manage the assets yourself or entrust it to a management company.

Too many people cannot sort out what is a brokerage account of pension type. It is given in 2 variants:

    1. A-personal income tax deduction. This is an option for people with official income without taking into account the profits from the AIS — for example, salary. It allows you to return a fixed amount-paid for the tax period 13% of income. The amount of deduction cannot exceed 52 thousand rubles per year, as well as 13% of the investments made in the year in IIS. If you use the account for 10 years, the refund amount can be 520 000 rubles.


  1. Deduction for tax on investment income. This option can be used by persons who do not receive non-investment income, including children. The amount of the deduction depends on the profit received with the help of IIS-the investor saves 13% of it. The amount of payments is unlimited.

Speaking about what is a brokerage account of pension type we need to mark such important features:

  • you can replenish such account an unlimited number of times;
  • the amount of replenishment for the year should not exceed 1 million rubles;
  • if you apply for a deduction for personal income tax (type A), it will give a maximum of 400 thousand;
  • do not withdraw money from the ISA for three years to receive a tax deduction.

If the amount of income exceeds 1 million rubles per year, the broker can transfer the surplus funds to a regular brokerage account.

How to choose a brokerage account provider

It is very important to choose the right broker for cooperation. There is enough information about all types of them on the Internet. You can also ask around friends, read forums and blogs or for example user reviews. After choosing a broker, you need to study the cooperation agreement and their established tariffs. Personal information is available to customers when visiting the office personally or on the official website.

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Online brokerage account

A brokerage account allows you to invest money in securities (stocks, bonds, etc.) and earn on it. The yield on it is often higher than on traditional deposits in banks, but the risks are also higher. It should be remembered that in exchange transactions, the responsibility for good luck and failure is assumed by the client. The broker only executes orders, so it can not affect the profitability or unprofitability of transactions. If you want to know how to open a free brokerage account, open the website It is one of the best brokers on the forex market, having a refillable free Practice Account of $10,000 and minimal first investment payment.

How to open a brokerage account

The process takes a minimum of time. It is carried out by analogy with the procedure of registration of the deposit account in a personal presence in every bank. It is necessary to provide the broker with scanned copies of personal documents (passport, driver license). After that, you must specify the bank account details. You should carefully read the terms of the agreement concluded between the investor and the broker, learning the terms of cooperation. Now many brokers can find the opportunity to test their strength and make some new strategies thanks to the demo version. The broker opens the wallet on behalf of the owner and conducts operations on Russian or foreign exchanges. A regular bank account, in this case, is not suitable — a separate “wallet” is needed for exchange operations.

The principles of BS operation are as follows:

  1. The client enters into an agreement with the brokerage company to open and maintain an account, and then contributes a certain amount of money to the balance.

  2. To manage the account, the client is given an electronic tool-a PC program or a smartphone application.

  3. If a user needs to perform an operation, he sends the appropriate order to the broker (or can just call).

  4. The broker confirms the transaction, after which the funds are written off or credited (net of commission), the composition of the client’s financial assets changes.

Nervous about investing?

A user should always remember that the broker is a financial organization that engages in commercial activities. Like any other commercial organization, the broker can go bankrupt, he can revoke the license. It is important for the person who seeks what is the best brokerage account. In this case, the broker’s risks do not apply to the funds of brokerage accounts.

The system and infrastructure are arranged in such a way that customer funds are kept separately and are not included in the bankruptcy estate in case of bankruptcy of the broker.

At present, the state insurance of funds of individuals on the brokerage account is not provided. But this topic is in the field of view of the state. The legislative authorities have draft documents on the insurance of funds on a special brokerage account and an individual investment account.

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